Cedar Wood BBQ Scraper & Cleaner

Cedar Wood BBQ Scraper & Cleaner

We hope you’re having a Great Summer and Enjoy Barbequeing as much as we do! 

After reading about the Dangers of using a BBQ Wire Brush, we decided to use a Safe, Cedar Wood Scraper that will Naturally Form to your Grill.

Clark Smith Laguna Beach

Instructions to Form Your Scraper

  • Turn Your Grill on High so the Grates are Nice and Hot!
  • Run Your Scraper Slowly Back and Forth with Firm Pressure on the Hot Grates. (Grooves will Slowly Start to Char and Shape, Custom to your Grill.)
  • Repeat – Align the Previously Formed Grooves to the Grates & Keep Repeating Step 2. The more you use the Scraper the Deeper the Grooves will get.

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Before After