Buyer Services

Buyer Services

All of our contracts when representing you will contain provisions for physical and structural inspections; geology inspections; termite inspections; survey; city information, including zoning and permit status; preliminary title search; and seller disclosure analysis. In addition, there may be other unique contingencies to be addressed on specific properties. We consider each and every one of these contingencies because they are there to protect you. Our 60 years of combined experience enables us to fully analyze and disclose each and every contingency. We challenge anyone to do a better job. We are here to make sure that you are fully aware of all of the available information about the property you are purchasing. There is no “buyer beware”. As an example: most agents simply do not understand a preliminary report. They cannot assist you in this most important facet of a purchase. Clark Smith not only understands title policies but he has on many occasions assisted title company officers and attorneys to solve complicated issues.

Should remodeling or additions to a specific property be part of your buying decision, we can assist you in determining the possibilities. Each property in this area has its own set of unique criteria which must be considered.

Conquering The Hurdles

A big part of our job is to make sure that you are given the right guidance to help you achieve your dream, legally and financially. That is why, as with our sellers, we pay attention to every detail of your transaction, from minute to major. You will have our undivided attention in showing you property, drafting contracts, negotiating offers, inspecting physical and geological conditions, and following through the escrow, title and closing paperwork.

When you put the key in the door of your new property for the first time, we want it to be a celebrated, memorable occasion!

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