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Company Background

Clark Smith Laguna Beach

Over $500,000,000 in Closed Sales

500+ Real Estate Transactions


We are dedicated to representing your best interests in the negotiation of your real estate transactions. We want to develop a long term, professional relationship with you. In 1983, we recognized the fact that real estate service in this South Coastal area could be better provided through a compact, closely held, professional organization. We built our business on that principle. We have survived and prospered through many recessions, always delivering the very finest attainable real estate service to our clients. Our clients know that they come first, and that we are always there for them on a long-term basis. We constantly receive phone calls for information and assistance on all our of our clients’ real estate needs. We take a great deal of pride in what we have built. Our success is based on our relationships with our clients and hope we will have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Realatrends Philosophy

In the Real Estate business we believe that smaller is better. By being a small company we are compact, efficient and streamlined.

We give you 100% of our time, attention and expertise.

At Realatrends, you hire the whole company. With a big real estate company, it is not the company that you hire, it is the individual agent.

We offer a hands-on business philosophy which is especially important in an area as unique as the South Coast Community: we are in total control of all of our business matters at all times.

Our approach can be compared to that of a boutique as opposed to a department store: our service has old-fashion excellence while employing all of the latest technology.

At Realatrends, we take ALL responsibility for your satisfaction because we own the business and we are the brokers.

Our mission is to give the very best real estate service that can be delivered. We feel that being small is the best way to give the kind of service and attention our clients deserve. We utilize our big business experience to help you make all the right decisions. Our office facility has all the state-of-the-art real estate technology that you would find in any large brokerage, without the impersonal environment and the inefficiencies.

Seller Services

When you list your property with Realatrends, our goal is to achieve the highest possible selling price, within the time frame you have prescribed, in any market situation. To accomplish this we broadcast your listing as widely as possible, on a regular basis, throughout the brokerage community with the fact sheets, brochures, post cards, memos, E-mails, Internet, correspondence, fax, computer contact and personal calls.

Your listing will be placed in the Multiple Listing Services which cover every Board of Realtors from Ventura County to San Diego County. Literally thousands of Real Estate agents will be contacted on a regular basis regarding the availability of your property.

 A “Distributor” Approach Which Capitalizes on Direct Marketing

Our marketing decisions are based upon utilizing advertising and direct methods which we have found to be the most beneficial for the caliber of properties we represent. We view our roles more of a distributor of properties, maximizing direct contact with the brokerage community.

By doing so, we create the widest possible exposure to bring you the highest possible price through the hundreds of agents who represent buyers in the marketplace. Our goal is to make sure that your property is seen by as many prospective buyers as possible to generate the maximum amount of interest. The most direct means of coming into contact with the maximum number of potential buyers is through those agents and the Internet. This does not mean that we are not motivated to sell the property ourselves. But our primary job is to maximize exposure in order to obtain the highest price possible.

Buyer Services

All of our contracts when representing you will contain provisions for physical and structural inspections; geology inspections; termite inspections; survey; city information, including zoning and permit status; preliminary title search; and seller disclosure analysis. In addition, there may be other unique contingencies to be addressed on specific properties. We consider each and every one of these contingencies because they are there to protect you. Our 60 years of combined experience enables us to fully analyze and disclose each and every contingency. We challenge anyone to do a better job. We are here to make sure that you are fully aware of all of the available information about the property you are purchasing. There is no “buyer beware”. As an example: most agents simply do not understand a preliminary report. They cannot assist you in this most important facet of a purchase. Clark Smith not only understands title policies but he has on many occasions assisted title company officers and attorneys to solve complicated issues.

Should remodeling or additions to a specific property be part of your buying decision, we can assist you in determining the possibilities. Each property in this area has its own set of unique criteria which must be considered.

 Conquering The Hurdles

A big part of our job is to make sure that you are given the right guidance to help you achieve your dream, legally and financially. That is why, as with our sellers, we pay attention to every detail of your transaction, from minute to major. You will have our undivided attention in showing you property, drafting contracts, negotiating offers, inspecting physical and geological conditions, and following through the escrow, title and closing paperwork.

 When you put the key in the door of your new property for the first time, we want it to be a celebrated, memorable occasion!

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