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February Real Estate Newsletter

February – Real Estate Newsletter

“The American labor market is stronger than it’s been in decade! and Americans, particularly young Americans/are increasingly feeling – Confident enough to buy homes”- economist Aaron Terrazas TOP STORY: Forecast 2018: Market to Cool Only Slightly The resilience of the current housing market is an object of marvel. Single family housing has continued to grow…

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January Real Estate Newsletter

January – Real Estate Newsletter

Low inventory is the hidden force influencing every other housing market stat. It’s the reason that prices are up and why new listings are selling at an unprecedented dip. “We just don’t have enough homes,” says economist Svenja Gudell. – Fortes TOP STORY: Pros & Cons of Building Your Own Home People tend to be…

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December Real Estate Newsletter

December – Real Estate Newsletter

“Perceptions of easing inventory helped boost the saying that now is a good time to buy, which is consistent with less bullish home price appreciation. Doug Duncan, Chief Economist, Fannie Mae TOP STORY: Neighborhood Amenities Help Home Sales Home sellers like to make their properties look their best. They add fresh paint, repair cracked or…

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Real Estate Newsletter

November – Real Estate Newsletter

Due to the growth of communications technology, notably the Internet and the Cloud, people are increasingly able to work at home at least part of the time. As a result, home looks increasingly like the office, with at least one room set aside for laptop, a Wi-Fi router, a smart phone and the like.

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October Real Estate Newsletter

October – Real Estate Newsletter

The average home seller price gain of $51,000 in Q2 2017 represented an average return of 26% on the previous purchase price of the home, the highest average home seller return since Q3 2007, when it was 27% – ATTOM Data Solutions TOP STORY: No Bubble to Pop? People who like bubbles can find them…

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August Real Estate Newsletter

August – Real Estate Newsletter

Here’s more good news for buyers. Property taxes are also deductible from your federal returns. Considering that people customarily pay thousands of dollars annually in taxes on the assessed value of their homes, this property-tax deduction is particularly welcome.

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July Real Estate Newsletter

July – Real Estate Newsletter

Millennials are finally starting to buy houses. The trouble is, there aren’t enough houses for sale…at least not enough they can afford. Homebuilders may want to play to this great big audience, but doing that will hurt their bottom lines…

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