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August Real Estate Newsletter

August – Real Estate Newsletter

Here’s more good news for buyers. Property taxes are also deductible from your federal returns. Considering that people customarily pay thousands of dollars annually in taxes on the assessed value of their homes, this property-tax deduction is particularly welcome.

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July Real Estate Newsletter

July – Real Estate Newsletter

Millennials are finally starting to buy houses. The trouble is, there aren’t enough houses for sale…at least not enough they can afford. Homebuilders may want to play to this great big audience, but doing that will hurt their bottom lines…

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June Newsletter

June – Real Estate Newsletter

The prospect of retirement offers people some tantalizing choices in both housing and life style. Present day retirement, in fact, may present seniors with too many options: Some may aspire to live in communities where they can play tennis or go sailing. Others may prefer to live amid the stimulation of a downtown environment or…

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March Real Estate NEwsletter

March – Real Estate Newsletter

The Real Estate Market tends to mirror changes in society. March 2017 Real Estate Newsletter from Realatrends Real Estate. Stay up to date with the current Orange County Real Estate Market, News and Information.

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