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February 2019 – Real Estate Newsletter

“Look at rising mortgage – rates to play an even greater part in affordability, slowing the market for sellers and impacting buyers. Home prices are still expected to rise, though at a much slower rate than we’ve become accustomed to. forecasts home prices to increase by 2.2% nationally.” TOP STORY: “Once Upon a…

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January Real Estate Newsletter

January 2019 – Real Estate Newsletter

If a word cloud were to arise out of the average house closing, the biggest words (after “sign here and initial there”) would probably be MORTGAGE, followed maybe by APR. But ranking right up there in big capital letters as well, would be INSURANCE.

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December Real Estate Newsletter

December – Real Estate Newsletter

Country Mouse or City Mouse? In early America those were the choices; life in a rural community where people either worked as farmers or in the occupations sustaining them or a home in the city, usually built around industry or commerce, where there were more varied employment opportunities.

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October Real Estate Newsletter

October – Real Estate Newsletter

A roof over your head. That pretty much concludes any discussion of similarities between buying and owning a condominium versus a single family house. The legal structure, rights of ownership, utility, availability, responsibilities of ownership, and even the smart way to purchase one is quite different from the other. So, in this issue, we present your condominium primer.

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Real Estate Newsletter August

August – Real Estate Newsletter

Like other important life decisions, choices abound: Should you rent an apartment or buy a home? And if you buy, what kind of property should it be? A condo in a high-rise building, or a single-family home in the ‘burbs?

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Real Estate Newsletter July

July – Real Estate Newsletter

Younger Boomers, ages 53 to 61, are now approaching their retirement years. They are also “the caretaker” generation, and tend to be the biggest buyers of multi-generational homes, so they can accommodate aging parents or young people who are moving back home. Older Boomers are the next oldest segment, aged 62 to 71.

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