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October Real Estate Newsletter

October – Real Estate Newsletter

A roof over your head. That pretty much concludes any discussion of similarities between buying and owning a condominium versus a single family house. The legal structure, rights of ownership, utility, availability, responsibilities of ownership, and even the smart way to purchase one is quite different from the other. So, in this issue, we present your condominium primer.

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Real Estate Newsletter August

August – Real Estate Newsletter

Like other important life decisions, choices abound: Should you rent an apartment or buy a home? And if you buy, what kind of property should it be? A condo in a high-rise building, or a single-family home in the ‘burbs?

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Real Estate Newsletter July

July – Real Estate Newsletter

Younger Boomers, ages 53 to 61, are now approaching their retirement years. They are also “the caretaker” generation, and tend to be the biggest buyers of multi-generational homes, so they can accommodate aging parents or young people who are moving back home. Older Boomers are the next oldest segment, aged 62 to 71.

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May Real Estate

May – Real Estate Newsletter

Homeowners commonly have two different goals in home improvements: The first, of course, is to make your home comfortable and attractive in the way you like it. The second goal, which sometimes contradicts the first, is to add market value to the house with an eye toward resale.

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March Real Estate NEwsletter

March – Real Estate Newsletter

“Southern Markets such as Tulsa, Little Rock, Dallas and Charlotte will show the most sales growth in the coming year!’–Washington Post TOP STORY: What Realtors „ Do For Buyers and Sellers People who hire Realtors and pay their sales commissions may rightly ask what these highly trained men and women do to earn their living….

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